The Uruguayan Society of Cognitive and Behavioural Sciences is a Montevideo-based non-profit civil society organization established 2018.

We seek to become a gathering place for researchers, practitioners, educators and students from a variety of disciplines that are related to the Cognitive and Behavioural Sciences.


To promote and disseminate scientific advances in the cognitive and behavioural sciences

To foster local training and career development oportunities in the field

To advise public and private entities on relevant policy decision-making and evidence-based intervention strategies

To encourage and conduct research which may be applied to address social issues


Alejandro Maiche, Ph.D. - Chair

Juan Carlos Valle-Lisboa, Ph.D. - Vice-chair

Alejandro Vásquez, Ph.D. - Executive Officer / Secretary

Leonel Gómez, Ph.D. - Board member

Alejandra Carboni, Ph.D. - Board member

Álvaro Cabana, Ph.D. - Finance Officer / Treasurer

Fiscal committee

Camila Zugarramurdi, M.S.

Gonzalo Tejera, Ph.D.

Fernando González, Ph.D.



Anyone with an interest in the Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences may become a member of SUCCC. Membership fees may be assessed in accordance to current professional activity.

Membership fees:

Affiliation fees


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Benefits include:

  • A 75% membership fee discount after registration to the Ist Uruguayan Congress in Cognitive Science and IInd Symposium in Education, Cognition and Neuroscience 

  • Registration priority for activities organized by SUCCC

  • A 50% discount on events organized by CICEA or SUCCC